The Best Hydration Apps of 2022

Get to know the Hydration Apps! You probably know you should drink water often, but do you know how much? The best way to stay healthy is to drink four to six liters of water a day.

However, water is vital for your body, as it helps to carry out various bodily functions, including transporting nutrients to cells, digestion and temperature regulation. Water also helps maintain high energy levels and improves physical performance.

Because, we are only human, it is simple to forget to drink water daily. These Hydration Apps that we will show you below help you to keep track of your daily water intake.

Water Tracker & Drink Reminder

In addition to all health tips by entering this app, Water Tracker & Drink Reminder app provides many other features. The “interface” is easy and simple to use, and beverage options include water, milk and tea.

These drinks will keep you hydrated and you will be able to choose how many milliliters you drink per day. Stats and achievements will help you stay on track daily. You will be able to set reminders based on intervals to ensure you meet your daily quota.

Plus, cute avatars make this app fun to use as well. To purchase the full version of the app, you only need to pay once, eliminating ads and allowing you to save your history in the cloud.

App available on Apple Store

Aqualert: Water Tracker Daily

The free Aqualert gives you tips for staying properly hydrated throughout the day. In fact, it uses your activity level to calculate your daily water needs so you can get the water you need.

A handy sleeping method prevents the app from reminding you at night, and a graphical display of your hydration level and daily consumption keeps you on track.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Hydro Coach

Hydro Coach is one of the best Hydration Apps because it gives you complete control while trying to reach your water consumption goals. You are motivated to achieve your goals and will be rewarded handsomely for continuing. The statistics will track the number of water you drink over the course of a year, week and month.

With Hydro Coach, you can also connect to fitness apps like Google Fit, Samsung Health and Fitbit to better track your fitness. In the Hydro Coach Pro version, you can also export data to other devices as an Excel file.

You also get advanced stats and there are no ads to distract you. You can also use the latest weather data to suit your daily water needs.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Google Play Water Drink Reminder

This water tracker app will remind you to drink water daily to stay hydrated. So just enter your current weight and the Drinking Water Reminder helps you set how much water your body needs each day.

However, the only task is to remember to update the app every time you drink a glass of water! The water tracker app reminds you when it’s time for another drink. The Hydration helper not only tracks what you drink, it also reminds you when it’s time for another drink.

App available on Google Play

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated provides daily goals and reminders to ensure you’re drinking enough water daily. Goals are calculated based on the personal information you fill in when entering the Stay Hydrated app. You will be able to set reminders and goals according to the daily weather conditions.

Combining this app with a free fitness app helps you create sustainable and healthy exercise habits.

Select your favorite cups or bottles depending on what you have at home or at work. If you want to enjoy features like dark mode, notification sounds and home screen widgets, you will need to purchase the premium version.

However, you do not need an upgrade to purchase some of these features in other Hydration Apps.

App available on Google Play


One of the Hydration Apps, Waterful first collects your information like details about your lifestyle, gender and weight. With this information, Waterful will be able to design a suitable hydration plan for you.

Whether you are active, breastfeeding or recovering, the app reminds you when to drink. However, notifications will appear in your notification shade every day based on the goals you set.

The Waterful app’s custom features include choosing the number of water you want to drink from 100ml to 800ml. You can also choose between coffee, water, tea, milk and soda to stay hydrated.

In case you don’t drink every day, you can quickly make your own personalized drink. You’ll be able to view weekly, monthly and yearly stats to see how consistent you are in reaching your hydration goals.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store


Hydro Coach is one of the daily Hydration Apps that helps you stay hydrated. It has a water consumption calculator that allows you to see a history of how much water you consume per day. Plus, it’s simple to see your daily and monthly water intake to see if you need to drink more or less.

App available on Apple Store

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Eight Glasses a Day

This is a very easy water drinking app to monitor how much life-giving essence you are consuming. Every time you have a glass of water, just click on the glass icon on your mobile screen and it will be empty. Then, after all the glasses are emptied, you will receive reminders related to the amount of water you drink.

Water Your Body

The Water Your Body app regularly reminds you to drink water. Comprehensive charts and records of your water consumption will help you achieve your water consumption goals. This water intake app is the smart solution to stay healthy, happy and radiant.

App available on Apple Store

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