The 10 Free GPS Navigation Apps For 2022

When we think of GPS Navigation Apps, we usually think of Google Maps. This is what most people recommend. It also happens to be updated frequently.

Google is really at the top of navigation, especially in the last couple of years. However, if you don’t use Google Maps to click, there are several different choices. Most GPS Navigation Apps work the same way.

That way, you put in the directions, follow them to your destination and that’s it. Each one does a little differently. In this list, we will see the best GPS Navigation Apps. Look!

Maps.Me is one of the GPS Navigation Apps. It has maps updated via OpenStreetMap, offline maps and turn-by-turn directions. There are also favorite locations, offline search, traffic data (if free) and global support.

However, it is as close as possible to a Google Maps competitor. It should work for most people most of the time. Also, some people have reported a few issues here and there, but nothing too alarming.

The app is completely free with no in-app purchases. There are some ads, but they’re not a bigger deal.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store


OSMANd is built using two of the world’s largest collaborative databases. First of all, it leverages the extensive volunteer work of OpenStreetMap (OSM) to build its underlying basemap. After downloading the app, the free version of OSMAnd provides a limit of seven download locations. The second database it adds is Wikipedia’s useful places. Again, this has limitations.

With a paid subscription to OSMANd+, you can easily access Wikipedia and WikiVoyage articles. OSMAnd provides a nice click for GPS Navigation Apps. 

Some of the best features of OSMAnd are its presentation for hiking, hiking, biking and skiing. It’s also a great feature that you’ll be able to download individual map tiles to avoid filling up your phone’s memory card.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Scout GPS Navigation

Scout GPS is actually an old GPS app with a new coating. It used to be called TeleNav and changed its name, appearance and icon to give it a new look. It’s still a solid and stable navigation app with all the basics, including turn-by-turn navigation.

However, Scout GPS focuses more on people than navigation, which gives it a unique flavor. It will be able to do things like automatically text people with your ETA and remind you when someone needs you.

Location-based social media elements help differentiate you from others. The full version costs $24.99 a year. This is also a system that some car manufacturers use. It’s not very necessary, but we love small tasks like this.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store


MapQuest has undergone several revisions over the years. However, it is the same powerful service that we have known since time immemorial. Takes standard curve directions. There are other features too, like a service to find cheaper gas, real-time traffic updates (if free), and rerouting based on traffic.

You can even use it to call a tow truck if it breaks down. It’s not as great as Google Maps and not as effective at finding cheap gas as GasBuddy. However, this is a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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MapFactor is one of the popular and discreet alternatives of GPS Navigation Apps. Includes basic GPS and navigation features. It uses OpenStreetMap. This means that you will be able to purchase free offline maps updated monthly if you wish. 

There are other map choices, but they can cost money. Some other features include 2D and 3D modes, voice directions, border routing, night and day themes and more. This GPS app also supports dozens of countries around the world. For what you get it’s not half bad.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

BackCountry Navigator

BackCountry Navigator is a good navigation app for hikers. It’s quite expensive, but what you get is a variety of offline topo maps. It is ideal for locations where there is no data service. There are also some interesting features.

However, you will be able to insert favorite points and markers on the map, view many types of trails and more. It also has some map alternatives. Additionally, purchasing the app provides unlimited, ad-free usage of the app. It’s powerful, but be sure to try it out before you buy. It’s good dear.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store


WeGo is one of the few big competitors to Google Maps in the GPS Navigation Apps space. It has an easy and elegant “interface” with global mapping alternatives.

You will be able to download maps for offline use in your area. This should help in areas with unstable data connections. HERE also displays traffic information (if free), public transit maps, and you can customize by saving places for quick navigation later.

All free to use. there is also a map creation app that also allows you to change the map.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Maps and Waze

Google Maps and Waze are good GPS Navigation Apps. Both are from Google. Google Maps is a form of measurement for navigation apps. It has tons of locations, directions, reviews and street photos from most of the locations.

By the way, it has accessibility features and you can download maps for offline use. Waze is a little simpler. It’s good for giving directions, especially on a daily commute or on a trip.

It uses user data to display police locations, traffic jams and other useful information. However, Waze has several interesting navigation voices. Anyway, you can’t go wrong. Both are pretty excellent and even cater to many types of people.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Polaris GPS

Navigation Polaris Navigation tries to be a whole navigation app and most of the time it does. Its great feature is that it can access OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Click Route Maps and MapQuest maps. Then any font you want is what you get.

It also has many track recording formats, a unique waypoint management system, coordinates and your standard stuff like turn-by-turn directions. There are also resources for activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. It looks old, but it works very well.

App available on Google Play


Google got Waze some time ago. Yet they still operate very differently. Let me explain. You should think of Waze as completely community oriented.

It’s like the Wikipedia of GPS apps, as the Waze community defines its success. In the event of a malfunction, Wazers will protect themselves by recognizing your location. That way, when you’re driving, Waze can help you get where you want to go faster.

By using Waze, you can avoid traffic jams, because it changes your route in real time, instantly. If you need an app for this exclusive purpose, nothing beats Waze. But what I like most about Waze is that you’ll be able to check out too many Wazers behind the wheel.

Next to you, there may be another Wazer. Your emoji will continue to evolve as you continue to contribute to it. This motivation driven app is what keeps people motivated and using it.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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