Best Weight Loss Apps of 2022

In the midst of a world full of technology and facilities, where apps dominate the entire market in virtually any segment, comes the ease of using weight loss apps. However, this is another option for those who want to lose weight without leaving home, or for those who want to lose weight and do not have time to go to a gym. With that in mind, we can say that this facility is one of the pillars to make these applications so successful. Well, weight loss apps are very versatile and can be used wherever you want and can.

Like, for example, in your home, whether in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or anywhere else. But, you can also use it when you travel, at the hotel where you are staying and many other possibilities.

So, it is because of all the facilities and results that weight loss apps offer, that we invite you to know what options are available. Or rather, we will invite you to know the best options of these applications, check it out!


Even though you can actually sync the app with your FitBit watch, you don’t need one to be able to use the app. Because, with the app itself, you can do free exercise surveys. Like, for example, nutrition programs and even meditation tracks. However, it can be a lot of fun to use this app, with the possibility to make challenges and share your data with the users of the platform.

If you want to keep track of stats throughout the day, like telling you how many steps you took during the day, make sure you pair it with your phone or smartwatch.

This option among weight loss apps also offers a completely free version. But, if you want, you can subscribe to the premium service, which will give you access to more exercise and more features.

App available on Google Play


This is an app among the weight loss apps that you need when you want an on-demand exercise library. Well, all workouts are completely free, and you can even come across workouts with celebrity trainers. Plus, you can even work out with celebrities themselves, like actress Gabrielle Union. 

The app has a personalized training plan that can help you achieve your goals. In addition, it offers a live scoreboard where you can light a fire if you reach a high effort level.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Lose It!

Lose It! is one of the best weight loss apps to choose from with its ease of use offering and focus on calorie counting and weight tracking. However, through an analysis of your weight, age and health goals, Lose It! automatically makes a report. Where it contains data about the daily calories you need and creates a personalized plan with what you need to lose weight.

So once your plan is created, you can easily log your food intake in the app. Well, the app has a very large database, with more than 33 million foods, restaurant items and registered markets.

In addition, another very important factor is the availability of a community, which makes it possible to enter into challenges with the other users of the community. However, you can still ask questions and share information on the forum.

Although the app is 100% free to download, you have the option to subscribe to receive some extra features. The values ​​are: US$ 9.99 monthly or, if you prefer, US$ 39.99 per year.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store


MyFitnessPal is an app that helps you lose weight, and it’s very popular in its category. Well, it brings together some interesting features, such as counting calories in your goal to help you lose weight.

Therefore, MyFitnessPal calculates your calorie needs per day and offers the possibility to record what you consume during the day. This happens through a huge database, which brings together more than 11 million different foods. However, many restaurant foods are included that are not always easy to find.

However, when recording your food intake, the app will analyze the consumption of calories and nutrients that you have ingested, so MyFitnessPal is able to generate several different reports, including a pie chart, where it is possible to have a broader view of the total consumed in carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Another important difference is the app’s weight tracking and the possibility to search for healthy recipes. However, it does offer a free version and the ability to subscribe to the premium version, which costs $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store


Using MyNetDiary, it is much easier for you to control your food, as it has a database with more than 937 thousand foods. So, not only is it easy to enter the foods you are consuming, but it is also possible to get very specific information about nutrition. In addition, the app has a database that is used continuously with more than 37 nutrients.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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Strava: Run, Ride, Swim

With this app you can not only track your activity (running, cycling, swimming) based on duration, speed and distance and analyze your progress. But, the app also connects you to a community of like-minded people. Motivate yourself by participating virtually or competing with friends, see what others are doing and discover routes you never knew existed.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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