8 Best Apps to Learn Dance You Need to Know

Learning to dance for many is a very simple task, because it is as if you were born as a gift. But for others, everything seems to happen the other way around, which makes it all the more difficult. However, without leaving home, you can have help learning to dance to any rhythm, and for that, you can use apps to learn dance. This is a very interesting option for those who have a busy routine. So, here are the 8 best apps to learn dance!

1- Everdance

Everdance is a distinct option from the others on the list. Well, it is ideal for those who want to learn to dance and for those who are a dance teacher and want to create and sell classes of their own.

however, through the use of training videos, the app makes it possible to learn various styles of music. In addition, he offers advice and insights on how best to learn the steps, rather than just imitating what the dance teacher does. You can track your progress in the app by simply recording a synchronized video while you dance with the teacher.

The application also offers one more interesting option, which is to send your dances so the Everdance community can react. In addition, it also offers advice and tips to improve your performance. If you are an experienced dancer, have the option to create your dances and offer on Everdance.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

2- Just Dance Now

Considering the absolute numbers, Just Dance Now deserves a place on the list of best apps to learn dance. With its solid catalog containing over 500 hits, the app has enough variety to let you enjoy it at your own pace and at leisure. So if you want a slightly more personalized experience, you can create your own playlists for quick access to the music you like.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

3- Notetracks

This option among the apps to learn dance, offers the possibility to edit the songs and make notes in your audio projects using text, drawings or symbols.

In addition, this is a great option for collaborative work, which involves DJs, composers, vocalists and any other professional in the production part. However, with this app, dancers have the option to write and plan routines in the music using notes, symbols and sketches in the audio timeline.

App available on Apple Store

4- Salsa Rhythm

If your desire is to learn to dance salsa, the option among the apps to learn dance that you should choose is Salsa Rhythm. However, what can be considered the best offer of this app is the possibility to practice the dance time at the rhythm you want or need. Well, this plays a very important role in offering a customized experience. In addition, there is still the possibility to combine instruments as you wish and also select the patterns as you wish.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

5- Shazam

Let’s say you’re walking through the mall and suddenly a nice song starts playing. So you’ll be like, “Oh my God, I have to choreograph this!!”.

But the problem is, you don’t know what it’s called, so you strain your ears and try to learn the lyrics, but you can’t understand them. However, nothing is lost as you can use Shazam to help you! Thus, it will take an audio sample and combine it with the artist, the song title and the album.

This app, among the best apps to learn dance, is capable of doing more. But, its most useful resource for dancers is the help it offers to identify our favorite songs

App available on Google Play and Apple Store.

6- SongMark

SongMark is one of the best apps to learn dance. For, it offers the power to manipulate the music as you wish. Listening to a quick section and can’t hear the full sound of the song? Know that SongMark you can slow down the music! Are you learning a specific part of a song and are you always missing the timestamp? Mark the desired part with SongMark!

You’re organizing a workshop and your speaker is away and you waste half your energy running back and forth to play music? You can define loops with SongMark!

In addition, you can also convert YouTube videos to MP3 format in the app, import/download saved cuts for later use, and transfer music to/from your computer. Anything you want to do with music, you can do it with this dance app which is easy to use and free.


STEEZY is a dance studio app designed for anyone looking to get into the dance world. However, it offers classes for all dance levels and styles. That includes, for example, hip-hop, k-pop or more traditional options.

This app has recruited over 100 dance instructors and has over 1,000 classes on offer. So it’s not strange to think that the phrase “quantity over quality” is appropriate for STEEZY. But, you would be wrong, as all teachers are talented professionals.

This application has the offers of several options to participate in the class. Like, for example, you can use the camera as a kind of virtual mirror to dance with your trainer or select one of several angles to see the trainer. In addition, STEEZY is focused on making your online experience look like a real dance class.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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8- 8Counts

8Counts is a perfect choice among dance learning apps for choreographers who make a variety of combo options. But, who is not so easy to keep everything in his head

. In addition, it offers the possibility of writing the choreography in eight-count sheets of music. However, if your student or team needs a reminder, you can send one via email.

App available on Apple Store

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