Best Hiking Apps You Need to Know

Due to the great advance of technology, everything we can imagine today has an application to make life easier and more comfortable for users. One of the things that seemed most impossible was an application and a bank, as there were many questions related to security. And nowadays, most people in the world can’t live without banking apps anymore. But today, what we’re going to talk about is a very different subject from banks, let’s talk about hiking apps.

Hiking apps are of great help to guide people who like to walk and have a more active life. Well, they are created specifically for that purpose. They are full of tips and data to improve your walking performance more and more. Below, you can check out the best hiking apps options.


AllTrails is a choice among the best hiking apps. It has a network of over 20 million users and has 100,000 trails mapped across the world.

The hikes available in the app can be searched by categories, such as difficulty, distance, elevation gain, route type and user rating. Aidna is able to search for hikes through tags, such as trail running, walking with the pet, among others.

Once you’ve found the right hike, you can look at the more specific details, which include distance and an elevation profile map. AllTrails can also provide a series of tips and information related to the way to get to the beginning of the trail, the duration of the hike and user comments about it.

Even though the app has a completely free base, it also has a premium version, with a price of US$ 29.99 per year. AllTrails Pro, called the premium version, offers the ability to download maps for offline use and send you a warning if you go off-track. Another differential of the Pro version is the 3D maps.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Gaia GPS

Even if a standalone GPS is a case apart and without equal, and without excluding the good old paper map, Gaia GPS is an application that makes it possible to locate the perfect trail for your next hike. With it, you can set a new route and explore the best camping spots in the middle of the trail. It has modern and easy-to-read topographic map options, as well as the more classic and historical options of printed maps.

Although it’s free, it offers an in-app subscription, which costs $20 a year. So, with the subscription, the app offers the possibility to download maps to use offline, make recordings of your adventures and have access to map overlays. Such as contour lines, slope angles and hill shading. The basic version, that is, the free version, also has access to topographic maps, but only when you have internet access.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Google Maps

This is one of the most famous hiking apps in the world, so it is very likely that you are already using it. But, it is also very likely that you do not use or do not know all its features. Well, the most appropriate feature in Google Maps for hiking is the possibility of downloading maps to use offline.

That’s because downloading maps to use offline before heading out on the hike can ensure you’re covered from start to finish of the trail, without relying on a network connection. because the GPS works even without a phone service signal, you can use Google Maps without any problems as one of the best maps for walking.

The app even allows the customization of a region to be downloaded. The most recommended is to download the part that connects your house to the beginning of the trail and also the complete trail. So, to download the map for offline use, you must go to the app, then choose Offline Maps from the menu options, choose a custom map to highlight the area and click Download.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store


Have you been in the middle of a hike and saw a peak far away and wanted to know its name? PeakVisor works using your cell phone camera and 3D technology with the latest technology to display the names of the elevations, it has 1,016,681 peaks registered in its database. This app can also be used to identify cabins, mountains and viewpoints. In addition to hiking routes that can take you to some, but not all, peak options

It is still possible to add photos captured in recent years to identify the peaks in your photos as well. In addition to the free version, the app also offers a PRO version, which costs US$ 2.99 per month on the App Store and US$ 4.49 on Google Play, in addition to additional functions, this version allows the use of the app without Internet.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Star Walk 2

Using Star Walk 2, you can find out which constellation is above you when walking on a trail at night. It also offers the possibility to identify celestial objects, observe their movements and learn how to look for the planets and stars you want to observe.

The most updated version of the app has a real-time sky map, 3D models of constellations, augmented reality and even a tab dedicated to astronomical news. If you want to show your child the constellations or you want to enjoy this beauty yourself, this is the right app among the hiking apps options.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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