Best Educational Game Apps for Kids

Educational game apps can be an excellent choice for people of all ages. That’s because educational games are suitable for children, teenagers and even adults who want to learn through fun. These apps are quite simple to play and use learning for fun. Therefore, it becomes an excellent option to make your child learn in the best way possible, without having to resort to books or other instruments that children may not adapt as much as games. So now they can learn and have fun with educational apps at the same time.

This is because games that work through learning are very educational and fun to help all children learn in a simpler way. So, if you are looking for games, know that the ideal is to look for educational games. If this is your case, know that we wanted a special list to help you right now. So, if you want to stay on top of our list of the best educational apps, as well as clear all your doubts about the topic, continue reading the text below.

Coco – Educational Games

This is one of the best options for educational games for little ones. Through them, children can solve memory games, as well as various puzzle options. With this, they end up getting involved interacting with the game in the right way, whether to play small mini games, which end up jumping or flying and running. The applications are quite simple and interactive, facilitating access to the various sound effects that are able to make the game even more real. It can be found completely free of charge. This game can teach your kids to learn number letters as well as color name, shapes, words and more.

App available on Apple Store

MentalUP Educational Games

This app is quite fun and at the same time educational. Most parents who download this app are surprised by all the features it offers, so that children can learn to assemble tanks, helicopters, aircraft, rockets, coming from a toy car. It can be used together between parents and children so that they have fun together and make the child learn different skills. Each of the app’s options offers direct and short instructions on how the procedure will take place. In addition, each of them is timed so that people can finish as soon as possible. You can even choose the game’s difficulty level and interact with your kids.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Curious World

This game is suitable for those precocious children who end up having a much bigger learning curve than I thought most. That’s because the application offers the option of exploring the child’s interests, as well as helping them to build their self-confidence through the availability of several videos, games and books. What’s more, the app is also full of games and other activities capable of entertaining and educating children for a long time. So, in this app, you will find examples of practical activities, songs, books, games and even videos, as well as some craft projects and scientific experiments. All this will bring a different experience for your child and make him learn while having fun.

App available on Apple Store


This game is based on a puzzle, created especially for young children. However, older ones can also play this app. With it, you must roll a dice to complete the puzzle here and create a character. Thus, you will level up and improve your logical thinking when solving the most diverse ones. So, if you are looking for the application that stimulates your child’s logical thinking and at the same time is educational, know that this application is the best option available for your cell phone. It has colorful and bright graphics, as well as an extremely simple and intuitive interface so that younger children can understand exactly what the game is asking for.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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Play Blocks

Here, we have an example of one of the best educational games for kids. This is because it has a very simple appearance and at the same time allows the child to play with different types of construction, discovering new worlds and new resources. It is able to stimulate children’s creativity and at the same time educate them. Due to their infinite number of blocks, they can explore the gigantic world and can make the most diverse types of constructions, in order to improve their imagination and logical thinking. All this can be achieved from this app. Therefore, you can also play with your children and encourage their learning and teamwork even more.

App available on Google Play

Endless Alphabet

The main purpose behind this app is to teach kids the alphabet and letter sounds. So, she can drag the lyrics while listening to the sound to find out if it’s really what she’s choosing. When touching one of the letters they end up coming to life and becoming some animations when completing each of the words. It is one of the best educational apps that you can download completely free of charge on your phone. So, you can have fun with your kids too.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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