Daily Planner Apps to Help You Organize Your Days Better

Get to know the best Daily Planner Apps! It can be exhausting juggling various mundane tasks like sending the kids to school, answering emails, attending business meetings, giving presentations, and delivering Christmas presents to everyone in the family.

How do you choose your highest priorities, make the best daily plan, and stay on top of everything during the work week and weekend?

Ever thought about using a daily planner? Tools like this can help you check just about everything on your to-do list, make planning and scheduling easier, and give you a sense of accomplishment day after day, week after week.

So if one of your New Year’s resolutions and one of your biggest goals for 2022 is to finally get more organized, this list of Daily Planner Apps can help you fully achieve that goal!


Todoist is an excellent way to stay ahead of your tasks and increase productivity. It’s an easy-to-use to-do list app that lets you manage and share your tasks with colleagues. Todoist provides a variety of features such as subtasks, subprojects, recurring tasks, notifications, different priorities, and more.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store


Keeping track of the many usernames and passwords we rely on now can be tricky, especially given Internet security concerns, so changing passwords regularly is a smart idea.

If you don’t like your device’s default password management, another option is LastPass. It helps you to manage all your logins in one app accessed with your master password.

Buying online just got easier. You can also configure the app to give selected friends or family access to your protected information in an emergency.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Our Groceries Shopping List

The best organization apps are easy to use, and our grocery shopping list is just that.

Create shopping lists that can be shared on the devices of the rest of your family. Whenever someone buys groceries, just cross them off the list and everyone will know about the purchase.

If desired, please leave a note for a specific item. The app also lets you add recipes and easily add desired ingredients to your shopping list.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Things 3

Things 3 is not only designed to provide a great user experience, but it also has impeccable functionality. It is the perfect app for anyone who wants to get started right away without having to go through a different “how to”

App available on Apple Store


A closet organizer keeps your wardrobe organized and is an effective way to make it easy for you to decide what to wear. Clothing organizer apps like Closet+ can also help you plan your wardrobe and keep track of what you have.

Track when your clothes were last worn and which ones work best. This can help you better understand the value you get from your wardrobe.

App available on Apple Store


Notion is one of the most beautiful workspaces that brings together your tasks, schedules, note taking, project plans, presentations, organized documents and more in an online planner. You can use the tool yourself or invite your entire team to collaborate in one place.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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TwoBirds is one of the best daily planning apps that you can use for free. It brings all your tasks and conversations together in one place, making it easy to set your daily priorities and the tasks you can look forward to.

The chatty design of this daily task planner completely stops endlessly switching between calendar, email, documents, and other (read: time waster) apps that only distract you from your tasks so you can never remember all the tasks. tasks.

TwoBirds makes it easy to manage your days (appointments, events, emails, shopping lists). Also, you can use it to set reminders for anything in your inbox, which is why many users consider TwoBirds to be the best free daily planning app.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store


TickTick is one of the daily planning apps that helps you get organized while increasing your creativity. That’s why people use this tool to organize everything in their lives – from shopping for groceries, organizing family gatherings to delivering projects.

Whether you’re working on personal goals or work-related tasks, with TickTick you can literally check off those tasks. You can use TickTick to organize things on your plate and track your schedule from 5 different calendar angles!

In addition to helping you plan and organize your tasks, this daily task planner can also free you from constantly thinking about deadlines as it comes with built-in reminders (you can even set “annoying reminders” for tasks you don’t like”, but we still have to deal with it).

In short, TwiBirds is a tool that helps you focus by avoiding distractions, so you can manage more time with a single app and a single inbox. Its Reminders feature can be a lifesaver when your inbox is full of things to do, when it’s easy to forget about some of your daily tasks.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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