The Best Meditation Apps to Help With Anxiety

Meditation is one of the best ways to stay centered and guide your path. However, with most people’s busy lives these days, it’s a little difficult to keep the person centered. However, know that it is possible to have meditation apps that will be of great help when it comes to getting guidance and centering your paths. These apps use technology-based days to help make meditation much more intuitive and simple, without you being a professional or even an amateur who had the first contact with this technique. 

That’s because meditation is one of the best ways to help people relax at times when they are under great stress. Therefore, by using meditation apps, you will learn how to ignore all the problems of modern life and relax your body so that all your muscles are calm. So, if you are going through a troubled moment and need the help of meditation apps, know that you have come to the right place. In the text below, we will mention some of the main ones that are available for the cell phone. So, in order not to miss anything about everything that is the same on the subject and stay on top of our tips, continue reading the text below and learn more.

Insight Timer

This app allows users to access more than 40,000 types of meditation completely free of charge. Thanks to the app’s library, users can filter the meditations according to their needs, be it self-esteem, sound or even stress. In addition, it is also possible to make a filter based on the duration of the meditation or even the benefits it can bring. In this case, if it is your first contact with the meditation app, it is interesting that you make use of the course, which is free and lasts for seven days. The application also allows participation in the community of people who use it to do meditation.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store


If you are experiencing some of the symptoms such as lack of focus, anxiety, or even stress from working too much, know that the meditations that are offered by this application will be of great help to you to end all these problems. What’s more, the app is determined to help people deal with different types of stress caused in everyday life, teaching users to stay focused on all the tasks that it will perform in everyday life. One of the main differentials that this application has is precisely its vast meditation content. Users have classes that last up to 10 minutes, as well as stretching classes to help them relax.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Ten Percent Happier

This app is based on a very popular book by a journalist from the abc television network. It will help people to meditate in a very simple, fun and accessible way. Indicated for anyone, it leaves those that I can and don’t have vast knowledge in meditation as for those who are starting now. It is also suitable for people who do not have much time to devote to meditation classes and need a simpler and more practical guide. The app will link through small meditations to your movement so that they can be fitted along the path you take to your work or home. Over time, you will adapt to this routine and meditations will become part of your everyday life.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store


Here, we have an example of meditation apps aimed at people who end up worrying too much about their day-to-day and their tasks, which ends up severely affecting their sleep and causing them to have trouble sleeping. insomnia. The app is capable of offering various Sony breathing meditation exercises as well as various relaxation practices. The application platform uses dark mode so that the light does not bother the person or cause a headache when using it. It is found completely free of charge, but it also offers subscription options that have features that the free version does not.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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The ideal commenting app for people who don’t have much time to do meditation. That’s because it only takes five minutes of your time to perform the meditations that are available in it. The main highlight of this app is in its guided meditations, in order to use the self-direction and timer ambient conditions so that you know exactly when the meditation ends. In view of the fact that it takes just a few minutes of your day to use this application, you can use it during breaks for lunch or even for coffee. With 30 days of using the application, you will be able to see the great improvement in your life.

App available on Apple Store


this medication app also offers more than 200 types of meditation for you to use in your day. It is quite simple to use and allows the user to create several meditation lists to be used throughout the day. The duration of each of the sessions is from four to 30 minutes. So, you can fit the meditation into some time of your day that is not busy, making you feel lighter.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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