Best Apps For Text Analysis with your mobile

Get to know the best Apps For Text Analysis! The ability to summarize content is essential if we do not want to spend more time than is strictly necessary and be able to focus when working on projects, study papers or simply collecting information to expand our knowledge of some topic or subject. Activity information gathering training. On the Internet, we have access to a large number of applications that allow us to easily summarize texts. Fortunately, we can also find applications of this type on Android devices, although sometimes the results are much better on a desktop computer or when using the web version.

The application that we show you below for summarizing texts on mobile phones is not perfect, so we have to constantly check the summaries it provides us. The best way to check which is the best app to carry out this function is to always check how it works with the same text, which is not too long and which we have read previously.

It is important to read beforehand what we want to summarize to verify that all the important parts are covered in the summary, as well as some that we may find interesting on a personal level, as we want to deal with other parts of the work, not omitted.

All these apps have unique features that allow users to make the right choice based on their needs and goals. But one thing is for sure: these mobile text analysis apps will help eliminate the need to waste time reading and poring over tons of documents, reviews, news, financial articles, and more.


Linguakit is an Android application that not only extracts information, but also translates, combines and analyzes text. It supports multiple languages ​​and is capable of summarizing handwritten documents (although it does not recognize medical handwriting). The application provides us with many tools such as: Create text summaries Spell checker. a translation. Analyze. Semantic Analysis. sentiment analysis Multi-word extractor entity recognizer.

App available on Google Play


SumIt is an automatic summary generation app perfect for those who don’t have time to analyze everything they visit, research documents or any long text.

This app uses a relatively simple but effective algorithm when extracting key phrases and phrases from the text to create bulleted list style summaries. It allows us to pass any messaging application, email…

It’s as simple as pasting the URL where the text we want to summarize is located. URLs for documents stored in Google Drive are not supported. SumIt is a completely free app, it contains no ads or in-app purchases.

Text Summary

Text summarization is an efficient tool to summarize texts automatically and quickly, responsible for extracting the most relevant information from books, texts, documents…translating or scanning texts directly through photos. After the application creates the summary, we can store it as pdf, epub, docx, pptx, odt or plain text for later formatting. Also, it allows us to listen to the created summary, which is a great feature that allows us to check. If the created summary meets our needs while doing other things.

Text summaries are completely free to download. Include ads and in-app purchases to unlock access to all features and remove ads.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store


Summarizer allows us to summarize articles, articles or documents to instantly extract key points. Thanks to artificial intelligence that uses natural language processing to locate key information while maintaining original context. It can be used to create short summaries of large documents while retaining the most important information using algorithms. Text Summary is an application designed to automatically and quickly summarize text. Allowing you to save time when selecting the most relevant information from a book or text.

Summarizer and Paraphraser are completely free to download, including ads, but no in-app purchases. This app is only available for English text, at least as of this writing.

App available on Google Play

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