Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps For 2022

Get to know the best Pregnancy Tracker Apps! Being a mother is one of the best things there is, it’s good to know that you brought a helpless being into the world and that will forever be a part of you. However, many women who become pregnant are left wondering what the baby is like in the first few weeks, what position it is in, among others. Therefore, there are many apps capable of tracking babies from the beginning of pregnancy to the time of birth. They are very useful and it is a simple way to prepare yourself for what to expect and know what is normal and what is not.

However, it is important to note that the application does not replace the medical consultation and you should not trust the applications.

Baby tracker: Baby Milestones

This application is known as the bible of pregnancy. Through it it is possible to obtain useful information related to imaginable pregnancies. However, it works just like other apps available on the market, where the woman can track her baby and check details about where she is in her pregnancy. With it, the woman can easily prepare to wait for the time of delivery.

Baby Tracker: WebMD Pregnancy

Through these apps, pregnant women can have solid health information at their fingertips. Through it, it is possible to monitor the babies’ kicks, the mother’s weight and blood pressure, in addition to contractions. The user can also make a record of the questions they want to ask their doctor at their next appointment, as well as list the check on what equipment to buy for the baby and what to take in the bag for the hospital.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Baby tracker: The pregnancy countdown

The user of this application has a very fun 3D image of their developing baby each week, as well as the possibility to ask questions and get the answers in real time.

Pregnant Countdown app offers several important tools for tracking your baby.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Baby tracker: Pregnancy Assistant

This app has a fun and simple interface, it serves as a pregnancy assistant. however, it follows the development, movements and contractions made by the child when the woman goes into labor.

Through the application it is possible to follow the evolution of women, what is useful and what is not.

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Baby tracker: Baby names

Most mothers had the habit of looking up baby names in books. This was a simple way to choose the desired name. Therefore, today they can count on the application, Baby Names, through which it is possible to choose their child’s name and still understand its meaning.

This app is simple and free, the user can choose from thousands of names available.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Baby tracker: Ovia Pregnancy

This app is a one stop shop for moms-to-be. through it, it is possible to access articles according to the child’s growth stage, so the mother is calm, as she knows that the content is reviewed by a team of professionals, such as midwives, nurses, among others. The user can also record symptoms in the application and post questions without having to identify themselves in the user community. However, it still has an integrated tool for suggesting the child’s name.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Baby Tracker: What to Expect

With it the user can get all the information of the infamous book right on his cell phone.

However, the app still offers important information for each stage of pregnancy, including photos and videos every week.

The woman can follow the symptoms and seek questions that she can ask the doctor, depending on where the patient is during the pregnancy.

App available on Apple Store

Baby Tracker: The Collision

This app helps moms to track their baby’s size and progress with 3D image, as well as allowing you to manage your records.

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