Best Apps for Hair Color Change

Apps are great for making a lot of people’s lives easier and that’s been a thing for a long time. Nowadays, many people no longer know what to do in their daily lives without the help of an application. Like, for example, a transport, supermarket, bank app to pay bills and manage money and much more. In the midst of this world, there are also Apps for Hair Color Change

For those who want to see how their hair would look with another color before having it dyed, this is a great way out. And in addition to seeing what the color you want or have in mind would look like. Also, you can experiment with other colors to see which one suits you best. Apps for Hair Color Change are also widely used to have fun with friends or in social media posts.

As these applications are launched in the market in many options, from the ones that are very good. To the options that do not have a satisfactory result. Have you ever thought about testing several apps, and still not finding a good option? Take it easy! Well, let’s help you with that, below we’ll list the best hair color change apps!

ChouChou: Virtual Hair Try-on

ChouChou: Virtual Hair Try-on was created by Nora, a famous Tokyo hairdressing chain, and features a variety of the latest hairstyles and colors that are trending in Japan. With it, you can experience a realistic 3D animated hair makeover simulation. That is able to not only change the hair color, but also adjust the overall hairstyle.

It also provides various frames and decorations to add to your photos, which makes it possible to create an eye-popping version.

App available on Apple Store

Hair Color Booth

Let your hair coloring imagination run wild with Hair Color Booth. The app lets you mix and match a variety of colors and styles to create unique and exciting looks. From rainbow hair and colorful highlights to elegantly balanced effects, you can do it all through this hair color change app option.

It also has a color intensity control tool, which allows you to easily change the vividness of your hair color and the overall texture of your hair. The hairstyle change options are endless. With a huge selection of hair colors that can make your photos stand out on social media.

App available on Apple Store

Hair Color Dye

If you don’t want to see that traditional change and faded colors in your hair, Hair Color Dye app is the best hair color change app option for you. It has a feature that allows you to apply a variety of shades to certain parts of your hair. So, if you want to highlight the gray, just click on the lock you want to highlight and the rest will be done for you by the app.

Also, it provides realistic results to turn your hair editing experiments into shareable photos on Instagram and other sites.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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Hairstyle Makeover

Amidst all these hair color change app options, all you really need to do is take or upload a picture of yourself and let the technology do its magic. Hairstyle Makeover is a great option to experiment with completely different hairstyles as you can change the length, volume and shape of each hairstyle. It’s great for people with round faces, who are notoriously difficult to match with new hairstyles.

App available on Apple Store

Hair Zapp

The best thing about the apps is that you can often try out premium features before you buy them. Hair Zapp is a good example, with no less than 500 different hairstyles and free for the user to try. Another great feature allows you to post your new creations on the app and get real-time feedback from other hair color change app users.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

Look Fabby

This is a specific application that works with only one function: it was made to change the color of your hair and save the photos. No ads, no registration and no paid features.

This app includes many different colors, from natural light and dark colors to bolder colors like purple, blue, green and pink. The photos are beautiful, with a simple auto filter, and the colors are crisp and beautiful.

With it, you can change your hair color easily and in real time:

  • More than 10 trendy shades and trendy colors are available: gray, platinum, neon, natural tones;
  • Real-time hair color test: test the color before taking pictures;
  • You can share the results in your messaging apps and on your favorite social networks.

Note: You cannot apply effects to ready-made photos, you cannot choose your own colors, you can only choose from ready-made collections.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is a general purpose virtual beauty salon. Using Augmented Reality, YouCam Makeup allows you to experiment with makeup, beauty images and try on looks for free with very realistic results.

You can take photos and videos on the built-in selfie camera, and edit the capture with face retouching tools, try hair colors, popular lipstick shades, choose the right shade of cream color, whiten your teeth, smooth your skin, try new ones. eyebrow and eye colors and much more. The result can be one of those beauty photos you cherish.

As this smart beauty editor works in 360 degree mode, it’s easy to get the perfect selfie from any angle.

App available on Google Play and Apple Store

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